Capturing Henry County

Tony Roach’s interest in photography began when he was a teen helping his dad, Jack Roach, in their garage’s makeshift dark room. Over the years, his interest evolved into a passion, and the result is most of the photos you see on this website.

While his high school photography class taught him the basic rules of photo composition and the relationship of the settings on the camera, Tony’s early mentors included family friend Donnie Hamilton and childhood neighbor Mel Miller. His most influential mentor was his dad.

“We used to sit around the kitchen table and critique each other’s photos,” Tony recalled. “One subject we had in common was sunsets.”

Nature inspires Tony, who has always been an outdoor enthusiast. He appreciates the ever-changing seasons, animal behavior, and the joy of being in nature.

Tony’s most frequented locations for snapping wildlife pictures include local parks and trails. Memorial Park, Westwood, Summit Lake State Park, Province Pond, and Wilbur Wright Wildlife Area are among his favorites.

“These areas provide ample opportunities to capture nature in action and enjoy my other pastimes of hiking, kayaking, and fishing,” he noted. “A lone wind pump in Prairie Township provides stunning sunsets and a bit of solitude at the end of the day.”

Tony also enjoys taking photos of people, especially at festive occasions. “The raw, unposed, natural look of people when they are having a good time is so rewarding when captured at the perfect moment,” he expressed. “Smiling candid people shots are always abundant at The Miracle Baseball League, The Mooreland Fair Parade and The New Castle Henry County Concert Series events.”

The Henry County Saddle Club often commissions Tony to photograph their major quarter horse events, and he has also photographed dog shows, non-profit events, and wedding engagements. High school senior pictures, family portraits, and even some weddings find their way onto his schedule.

“I’m always trying to strive for continual improvement and expanding visual perspectives of color, lighting, composition, and subject matter,” he shared. “Technology has given me a new perspective of the hobby. I recently set up a small studio for portraiture works that I look forward to learning more about indoor lighting and posing.”

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