Mark your calendars for the legendary US 40 Rummage Sale! 

The Historic National Road Yard Sale will take place on June 1- June 5, 2022.

During these days it will last from dawn to dusk, and stretches for 824 miles. People all the way from St. Louis to Baltimore will participate in the fun.

It is often said that, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and there is no shortage of treasure to be found during this renowned event. Whether it is antiques, family heirlooms, furniture, or clothing, the odds that you will find what you’re looking for (and even what you’re not) are in your favor.

If rummaging is not your cup of tea, that’s ok! There is something to do for everyone. In addition to the sales, you can enjoy local food from restaurants and food trucks alike, such as famous deep-fried tenderloins, or legendary sugar cream pies. You may even want to visit a local antique shop or specialty store, explore local historic architecture, and spend the night at a quaint bed and breakfast or inn.

Whatever your preferences are, the US 40 Rummage Sale promises a great way for family and friends to enjoy quality time together. This sale occurs each year and is held the first Wednesday following Memorial Day. For more regarding The Historic National Road Yard Sale, contact Patricia McDaniel at 765-478-4809 or


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