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Henry County Trails

What are the best outdoor activities in Henry County? While there are many awesome opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, Henry County locals boast about the trails and the greenspaces they provide. The Raintree Trails in Henry County are benefiting many people through the outdoor exposure they provide.
Check out five of these beautiful trails…

Wilbur Wright Trail
The Wilbur Wright Trailhead, starting at the YMCA, this 3.1-mile paved trail is perfect for biking, running, or walking the dogs. The trail is considered easy to moderate, although it has uphill elevation in places. It starts by following the edge of picturesque farmland and pairs with shade trees lining the path. There is a road crossing on Garner Street and continues with a sunnier portion of the trail. After winding down towards the river, there is an active railroad that crosses above the trail. Along a field, you will approach a hill that is wooded and a nice area to spot wildlife.
After reaching the top of the hill, it is downhill until you reach another road crossing which is SR 103. The last mile is shaded and jogs through the Wilbur Wright Fish and Wildlife Area. The trail is named after Henry County native and famed aviator Wilbur Wright. Trailhead access is located at the Henry County YMCA and SR 103.

Honey Creek Trail
The Honey Creek Trail is in Middletown and can be accessed from two trailheads: behind the Middletown Municipal Building, 653 Locust Street and in the unincorporated town of Honey Creek on Spruce Street. This is a paved trail built on an abandoned railroad corridor. There is a canopy of trees for a shaded hike or bike ride. This 5.3-mile trail is relatively flat and is considered easy for all levels. Any time of the year this trail is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy exercising.

Woolly Bear Parkway Trail
The Woolly Bear Parkway Trail is a 1.4-mile grass trail in Kennard and is a great trail for running, walking, and mountain biking This grassy area extends into wooded land that is rich in native wildflowers and wild raspberries in the summer season. The trailhead is located at SR 234 and Vine St. It has a small gravel parking lot, bike rack and a picnic table.

The National Road Heritage Trail (NRHT)
The National Road Heritage Trail (NRHT) has two sections and passes through southern Henry County. The name reflects its path following the old Pennsylvania railroad corridor which roughly parallels historic highway 40. The first section is from Lewisville until just before CR 425 W. The second part is from Ogden past Raysville into the edge of Knightstown.
• The NRHT in Lewisville is stone and gravel and is 4 miles long. The main trailhead for the Lewisville section of the trail is near the South Henry Regional Wastewater District in Lewisville on Williams Street (The Lewisville trail section does not currently connect with the Raysville trail section.)
• The NRHT in Raysville is also stone and gravel and 4 miles long. The trailhead for the Raysville section of the trail is at the SE corner where West Street, Star Blvd., and Church Street converge.

Healthy Communities has made several of these trail projects possible. Trees can be “purchased” along the Wilbur Wright trail in memory or honor of your loved ones.
Enjoy Henry County by checking out these beautiful trails for outdoor experiences with the whole family. To learn more about Healthy Communities, visit their website!


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