Sunsets Are Glorious In Henry County, Indiana

“Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully.” -Kristen Butler

Some may long for an ocean beach to watch a sunset, but Henry County offers several beautiful backdrops for photographers and sunset enthusiasts. Bring your camera, or even just your phone, and discover breathtaking sunsets in Henry County, Indiana.

Find The Right Spot

Local photographer Tony Roach has several favorite sunset locations including Province Pond in Northern Henry County. “A personal preference is having the sunset reflect off the water,” he expressed.

Local farms can provide a wide-open backdrop for a sunset. Be sure to find a safe place to park and avoid trespassing on private property when capturing a farm sunset.

Henry County’s most traveled sunset location is Summit Lake State Park. Eric Ockler, Property Security Officer at the park recommends the following places to catch a magnificent sunset: South Ramp, the beach, the causeway, Sunset Shelter, and Trails 1, 3, and 6.

“We have quite a few regular guests that come out just for our sunsets,” Eric shared. “In August we have a ‘Paddlers Weekend,’ and on Saturday evening we have a program called ‘Sunset Paddle.’ For this program, our naturalists guide canoers and kayakers to an area near one of the islands to view the sun setting over Summit Lake State Park.”

Park Director Nicole LeCrone adds that Picnic Point is another good place to catch a sunset. “Some park visitors will have an evening picnic while watching the sun go down,” she said.

Timing is Everything

“It’s all about timing,” Nicole shared. “It’s always best to show up early and get the view that you want. Then you can wait for the best lighting for your spot. A day with less wind would be best for a perfect reflection off the lake.”

Eric mentioned that sunsets are often best viewed after a good thunderstorm or rain shower. Tony points out that any season is good for capturing a sunset.

“Fall provides some extra color to complement the oranges of some sunsets. The snow in the winter provides a reflective surface to complement the sunset. The blooms of spring trees and flowers make for great framing points of the sunsets. Summer…. provides the most ideal time of the year to take sunsets and being patient,” Tony said.

Advice for New Photographers

As a long-time photographer, Tony passes along some of his best advice for new photographers to get better shots. “I highly recommend a tripod with a remote trigger. These tools give more creativity to your shots. Slower shutter speeds can provide a blur effect or draw in more light. Lower iso’s give a richer color and more clarity. The f-stop can give more depth of field to the pic, or less depending what you are looking for.

“The most important rule of sunsets is being patient. Sunsets are ever-changing. Clouds are always moving. The sun’s orb is continually falling. One thing I have learned, using a tripod, there is still color available after the official sunset time. Rule two, enjoy the moment.”       


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