Travel Writer Shares Indiana’s ‘Don’t Miss’ Destinations

Jamie Ward of Henry County, Indiana, has always been passionate about travel. When her daughters were young, it wasn’t uncommon for them to pack up to visit Lake Michigan or go on a random road trip. She decided to start her travel blog Cornfields & High Heels to share her adventures and love for unique foodie finds.

Through connections with the Midwest Travel Network, Jamie found more opportunities to work with regional and national destinations. She authored the Indiana chapter of the book Midwest Road Trip Adventures and recently completed her own book through Reedy Press, 100 Things To Do In Indiana Before You Die. The book is part of the publisher’s 100 Things Series.

Launching The Book

“Narrowing down the places to 100 was the hardest part of writing the book and took the most time,” Jamie shared. “I would add everyone if I could, therefore I squeezed as many mentions as I could into the book. There are actually more than 300 businesses and destinations mentioned.”

Jamie considered her personal favorites, places considered unique and historic to Indiana, hidden gems, and things that would interest a variety of lifestyles. Her hope is that readers discover new aspects of Indiana and get inspired to go out and do something new.

“Use the book as a weekend adventure guide, a gift, an idea for dates and family outings,” she advises. “Keep the book in your car and check each thing off as you do it. It’s meant for fun and adventure, rather than collecting dust on a shelf.

A Passion For Community Stories

Jamie’s passion is now not just for travel, but for telling the stories of small business owners, towns and cities, and “lighting a spark in others to explore their own towns and the Midwest.” This passion extends to her own home community of Henry County, Indiana. She appreciates Henry County’s community focus and supportive environment for small businesses and entrepreneurs while preserving history.

“It is small in towns, but mighty in location!” she expressed about Henry County. “Being located along a major interstate, several highways, and the Historical National Road, it is easily accessible to visitors and residents.”

She points out Henry County’s Summit Lake State Park, historical locations, restaurants on the Indiana Culinary Trails, and rich basketball history as reasons to visit.

Her parting advice when it comes to travel is this: “Don’t wait for the next vacation day or until you are older to travel. Take a day or weekend and enjoy time with your family, friends, or on a solo adventure. It can be as near or far as you’d like. It can be something in your own town, and as affordable as a free hiking trail or museum.”

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